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OnePlus, Samsung, and Google Pixel deals

Buying a new smartphone can be a difficult decision sometimes. There are many things you need to take into consideration; however, in the end, it is all up to your pocket size. Researching the internet for the best deals can be dreadful, but not when someone else does the job for you. This article includes the best offers you can at the moment, so let’s get into details. 

We will keep the list simple and stick to the unlocked smartphones only. Before we start, please check each device’s details before buying, as some may feature different specs based on the international models. 

OnePlus Day treat 

OnePlus offers a deal every Wednesday; however, most of the time, they offer something trivial. Not today! Consumers have time until  5:00 PM EST to buy a new 12GB OnePlus 8 for $200 less. The model already has a $100 discount, which means you can use the coupon to get another $100 off the price. First, visit the OnePlus Day site in order to claim the $100 coupon. Add the smartphone into your basket and proceed with the checkout. You will see the complete savings once you do all that.

You can also get the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren for $599, which is $300 less. The basic model is available for $349, which is $250 off the already discounted price. In order to do so, please follow the above steps and claim the $100-off coupon first. Hurry up as the coupons expire at 4:00 PM and 3:00 PM EST.

Samsung deals

Samsung offers some amazing deals for its latest series. You can get the Galaxy S20 FE for $599 at Amazon and save $100 .99, or buy it from Best Buy for $549.99 and save $150. The international version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is on offer as well. You can acquire it for $659.98 at eBay and save $340. Although not as strong as the Snapdragon chip-based, the phone still features some of the highest specs. However, if you wish to own the very best version of the series, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for $1099.99 at Amazon and save $200.

Google Pixel deals

Google Pixel 5 is available for $599.99 at Best Buy. However, if you are up for a trade-in your old device and switch to Verizon, you can literally get it for free. Its predecessor is available for $589 at Amazon. Hurry up and save $210 for the Google Pixel 4 model!

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