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OnePlus Owners Can Check Their Battery Health Status With this App

OnePlus, like most Android device manufacturers, doesn’t offer its users the option to remove the batteries in their phones.

While attempting to make its smartphones slimmer and dust and water-resistant, OnePlus made it rather difficult for a novice to change an older degraded battery with a new one without having to visit a service center.

Still, the tech giant did create a really useful diagnostic app that can provide users with simple and clear information regarding the health of their device’s battery. The app is called ‘OnePlus Diagnostic.’

Some users have been aware of this app for some time as it is published by OnePlus​ itself on their support website. The app is compatible with both OxygenOS and HydrogenOS, and it allows you to easily see main battery parameters, such as capacity, temperature, charging state, and so on.

How to Check Your Battery Status With OnePlus Diagnostic

The value of the ‘Battery state’ parameters is especially captivating as it shows the battery wear level. The ‘bms’ in there refers to ‘Battery Management System,’ and if the value of it is <80, it means the battery is having a ‘serious loss’ in capacity.

We should note that some OnePlus​ smartphones, including the OnePlus​ 8 and the OnePlus​ 8 Pro do not unveil the battery health at the path of the sysfs virtual filesystem, which means this app will not be able to display any information regarding the batteries of these phones.

Also, the application won’t run if you aren’t operating either OxygenOS or HydrogenOS. However, if you have a rooted smartphone, you can manually verify the value by running the following command in a rooted shell or any terminal emulator application set in elevated mode:

<code><span class="pln"><span class="pln">cat </span></span><span class="pun"><span class="pun">/</span></span><span class="pln"><span class="pln">sys</span></span><span class="pun"><span class="pun">/</span></span><span class="kwd"><span class="kwd">class</span></span><span class="pun"><span class="pun">/</span></span><span class="pln"><span class="pln">power_supply</span></span><span class="pun"><span class="pun">/</span></span><span class="pln"><span class="pln">bms</span></span><span class="pun"><span class="pun">/</span></span><span class="pln"><span class="pln">battery_health</span></span></code>

It is worth pointing out that this diagnostic app is rather different from the hidden suite of hardware diagnostic tests, called ‘Engineer Mode.’ If you want to give OnePlus​ Diagnostic a try in order to find out more about the health status of your device’s battery, you can download the APK file of it here.


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