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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Details – Specs, Features, And More

OnePlus is renowned for its ability to deliver impressive gadgets that offer excellent specs at an affordable price. Some may argue that it is not always the case in recent times, but the brand continues to be a popular favorite among many fans. One example of an excellent accessory is represented by the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z series of Bluetooth headphones.

They are quite competent in listening to music or performing calls. A new model has been in the making for quite a while, and it seems that some details have escaped on the internet.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z will be available in four color variants: light green, blue, black, and white. Most manufacturers aren’t too keen on providing several color choices, but it seems that this aspect was quite crucial for OnePlus and a great boon for users since it is always great to have the ability to pick between several choices.

More about OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

Battery life is a trait that is important for many features as most wireless headphones tend to have limited autonomy, relying on charging cases to keep usable for more time. This is not the case for the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z headphones, as the leak mentions that they can be used for up to 20 hours after a single charge.

The headphones will also include the new quick charging feature that is marketed by OnePlus under the name of Warp Charge. This method is so efficient that it is mentioned that by charging the headphones for 10 minutes, users will be able to listen to music for up to 10 hours.

A previous leak claimed that the headphones would be true wireless, but a leaked photo, which showcases the four color choices, also features visible cables. It is estimated that an official announcement should arrive in the following weeks.

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