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OnePlus Boasts about Android 11 Update – Major Exciting Changes

Android’s latest version is just around the corner, what better way could there be to show to the world what it’s made of, rather than running it on a Chinese smartphone brand? Samsung is no longer the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, being dethroned by the Chinese company Huawei. With Chinese companies growing rapidly in recent years, OnePlus also deserves some attention.

OnePlus just released several teaser images to boast about its Android 11-based OxygenOS update.

Improved dark mode

Dark mode is such a widespread feature nowadays among more and more apps, and there’s no wonder why. A dark theme improves battery life, relaxes the eyes, and improves visibility as well. OnePlus announces an even improved dark mode along with Android 11, without providing too many details.

Another upcoming feature is the ‘Major UI Change’. OnePlus also decides to be pretty silent on this one as well, providing only a few images.  However, we can guess from the images that OnePlus is adopting a style that’s similar to Samsung’s OneUI.

OnePlus doesn’t seem to run out of clients anytime soon. The Chinese brand has the OnePlus 8 smartphone as the flagship for 2020, and it’s totally understandable why. The gadget is packed with 8 to 12 GB of RAM, a 48 MP main camera able to record video up to 4K, a  Snapdragon 865 chipset, and so on. With OnePlus 8, you won’t have to worry too much about running out of battery life, either. The gadget is equipped with 4300mAh, and fast charging of 30W.

OnePlus 8 isn’t stingy when it comes to its display, either. The phone packs a Fluid AMOLED screen of 6.55 inches, a resolution of 1080x 2400 pixels, and a refresh rate of 90Hz.

OnePlus 8 sells for the following approximate prices: € 620.00 / $ 413.00 / £ 506.99.


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