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OnePlus 3T: Solutions to the Battery Issues Reported by Users

OnePlus 3T is one of the most impressive flagship smartphones currently on the market. However, even the best of smartphones in the world cannot stand the test of time.

In what concerns the OTA (Over-The-Air) software update, things can get somewhat unpredictable. The OxygenOS update brings numerous features and bug fixes to improve the handset’s overall performance. There is also highly possible that the newly coded software incorporates a few bugs that affect the battery of some mobile phones, with OnePlus 3T being one of them.

The battery issue OnePlus 3T users have reported is now starting to be more than annoying. If you own a OnePlus 3T​ and have encountered one of the issues we are going to detail below, try the solution we offer for each battery problem.

Issue 1: Missing Battery Percentage in the Notification Bar

The battery issues OnePlus 3T​ users have reported began with the Nougat update. The performance was skyrocketing, but the owners of the smartphone noticed that the battery percentage in the notification bar was no longer visible. What makes this issue a serious concern is the fact that the option to enable or disable the battery percentage is not even found in the System User Interface tuner’s hidden settings.


There are numerous third-party apps that are able to show the battery percentage on any device. If you want the battery percentage notification to show, we recommend you to download such an application.

However, if you want the default notifier, you could opt for a factory reset you can find in the device’s settings menu.

OnePlus 3T

Issue 2: No Warning or Notification Sent When the Battery is Low

The OxygenOs 5.1.8 was one of the most anticipated software upgrades. However, it has let down the OnePlus 3T​ owners as the battery on their smartphone drains at a mind-blowing rate. The battery discharges from 100% to 0% in less than five hours of continuous usage. Moreover, when the device reaches 15% of battery life, the users do not receive any warning, but the phone gets switched off instantly.


According to some experts, the battery drainage is caused by the last update. In addition, the solution is entirely dependable on the manufacturer, but users can downgrade the software update to achieve an optimum battery life.

Issue 3: OnePlus 3T Shuts Down at 50% Battery Life

A few OnePlus 3T​ users have reported that their devices are turning off with 50% battery life after the latest update; it drains the battery with even very little screen time. Numerous complaints suggest that this serious issue is experienced by almost half of the OnePlus 3T​ owners. 


If a factory reset does not fix this issue, you are advised to visit an authorized service center.

These three issues were commonly experienced by OnePlus 3T​ users after the latest software update. If these solutions helped you fix the serious battery issues, let us know in the comments section.


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