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Official PlayStation 5 Site Launched By Sony, Hinting To A Future Announcement

Sony is playing hide and seeks with us because without giving a warning or some official information, a new PlayStation 5 site appeared. We think that the launching of the official PS5 homepage is leading us for the February reveal event that was rumored long ago. Some users from Reddit spotted the first websites appearing in the U.K and German versions. More are now available, including the U.S. variant

The sites are open, and users can sign up for news and even pre-orders. Being subscribed to the PS5 site, you will receive official news on your email. The website is confirming the PS5 logo and a piece of information as well. From the site, we find out that the company will begin to share information and features that everyone expects about PlayStation 5. But, of course, not everything will be revealed at once.

Sony is tormenting us a bit by giving us little by little. You can now be one of the first users that will receive the official information about the console, so don’t waste time and sign up.

PS5 site launch might represent that the announcement is imminent

Furthermore, we think that Sony launched the official website for PS5 because of the latest statement made. The company declared that it does not have any decision yet about the price of the next console. Sony isn’t hesitating with the price for the PS5 only because of the cost of the hardware and technologies.

The primary factor that is making Sony not to reveal an estimate at this moment in time, it’s the competition. This means that Sony will wait for a revealing of the Xbox Series X to decide where it should go with its own console.

In a word, the PlayStation5 site launched now could mean many things. We don’t know if the purpose of launching the site was for real or it got live earlier. But a thing is clear: Sony will provide more information in the long run.


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