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October 2020 Android Update for Pixel Phones Available with Security Fixes

Google is almost ready to complete its Pixel smartphone lineup with the fifth main iteration in just a few days. Therefore, Pixel 5 will be a significant upgrade for the predecessor Pixel 4, as it will bring more RAM, more battery life, 5G connectivity, and more.

You can say anything about Google, but not that it wasn’t active in the software market. From its insanely-popular search engine and to navigation apps or the Chrome browser, Google had a lot to offer in this area. But the giant from Mountain View didn’t do so good in the hardware field, as plenty of users had been disappointed by Pixel phones.

The October 2020 update brings security fixes

You shouldn’t overlook this update at all if you’re owning a Google Pixel phone. The company released the update recently, and it’s mostly targeted to those users who are maneuvering a Pixel 4a phone. The new update fixes a security flaw present in Android’s System component that has the potential to allow a wrongdoer to gain unwanted permissions via “specially crafted transmission.”

The October 2020 update for Pixel phones also includes fixes for other issues. For instance, the Pixel 4a now has improved its auto-brightness response in the case of specific lighting conditions.

Available for Pixel 2 and beyond

The update even fixes some issues of the Pixel 2 model that was released by Google in October 2017, including better auto-rotation when it comes to specific orientations. That was a pretty interesting phone for its time, as it was featuring a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, two versions of storage (64GB and 128GB), and more.

Google releases Pixel 5 on October 15, the flagship for 2020. The phone will have a starting price of $699.


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