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Norton Password Manager 6.5.2 Update is Here

Norton Password Manager is an incredible tool that allows you to manage your passwords securely. By saving them, you can then access your favorite websites faster.

Keeping your information safe and secure is a lot easier than it was before, as a password manager will help you protect your accounts. Also, it saves you from losing time by having to enter your login information every time you enter a particular website or fill in a form.

Created to be easier to use, Norton Password Manager​ saves your usernames and passwords in a safe manner and syncs them on all your devices. Having a new default password generator, the app enables you to create secure, unique passwords from within it.

Another great attribute of Norton Password Manager​ is the option to store addresses and important information such as credit cards and bank accounts, in order to have a smooth and rapid online forms fill and so on. You can also save notes, so you have access to important data at an instant.

Norton Password Manager​ Features

Here are some of Norton Password Manager​’s key features.

• It helps store passwords securely, in an encrypted vault accessible only by you
•​ The default browser saves and helps fill in your information
•​ Stores addresses and credit cards to offer you a faster online checkout
•​ Has an in-built password generator that helps you create complex passwords
•​ Saves regular flyer numbers and other notes protected by passwords
•​ To access the vault, it requires a secure mobile PIN
•​ Protects you from phishing and malicious websites by registering your keystrokes
•​ Your stored passwords and important data are available to you even when you are offline

Norton Password Manager 6.5.2 Update

The application receives regular updates, as it is crucial to keep work on it in order to protect users. The latest release, Norton Password Manager 6.5.2 update, comes with extra support to the ‘Autosave password’ option from third-party apps, and several bug fixes.


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