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No Straight Roads Details Revealed From Official Sources

Official details about the No Straight Roads have been revealed by Sold Out and developer Metronomik. The release date has also been confirmed, and we are here to present to you all there is to know about the upcoming game’s collector’s edition.

The game is about an indie rock band duo who tries to win against an EDM record label empire. However, it is a world of music; only the best can win. Changing the world is not that easy in the action-adventure game. You have to attack enemies while keeping the rhythm.

The No Straight Roads collector’s edition video game will be available on the PlayStation 4 console. However, this edition includes more! The users will also get a presentation box, a double-sided 12″ vinyl LP with a selection of the game’s soundtrack, a 64-page “Art of NSR” artbook, and a set of official drumsticks. You can already pre-order the Collector’s Edition for the price of $69.99 USD, €69.99, and £59.99 (SRP).

The Primary Features of No Straight Road

The key features of the game include:

  • A unique action-adventure game based on music.
  • Music is power! Fight an evil empire & lead the musical revolution to take back control of Vinyl City.
  • The game includes two characters: Mayday and Zuke, each with their own music-based weapons and attacks.
  • Gameplay focused on music combat. Players can attack, jump, and move freely while enemies attack to the beat of the music.
  • Change the world – with music! Harness the power of music to transform props into weapons and shift between rock & EDM in a seamless and dynamic manner.
  • Experience 8 extraordinary levels inspired by different genres of music.
  • Defeat giant, memorable bosses with unique personalities.
  • A unique soundtrack that gives you a lot of energy and makes the game funnier.
  • Upgrade your skill tree to improve your abilities & defeat No Straight Roads.

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