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No Man’s Sky Patch 2.41 – What Is New: Highlights and Patch Notes

A new update for No Man’s Sky that promises to solve some Exo-Mech related bugs was released.

Hello Games dropped amazing new content freely for No Man’s Sky. They are doing their best to make the game enjoyable for everybody!

The newest DLC for PC and consoles not only fixed a lot of issues of the game but also introduced a plethora of new content.


The main improvement that was added in the new update is the new Exo-Suit, which is a giant, fully controllable mechanical skeleton with bits of armor.

Unfortunately, as it is the case with most significant updates, new problems snuck their way into the game. The good news is that Hello games were quick to fix them in a few days’ worths.

The new update was recently released, and the generous patch notes reveal all that is featured by the latest update.

Patch Notes

Here are some of the most exciting patch notes.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • The PC issue that forced the cursor input to the edge of the screen.
  • The issue that provoked weather, sentinel activity, and planet stats to change.
  • The VR issue that made interactions overly sensitive.
  • The issue that made beam weapons appear inside the Minotaur cockpit in VR.
  • The Xbox-only issue that made every new interaction to require a new button press, including when mass-collecting plants.
  • The issue that prevented the Minotaur upgrade modules from appearing in the Exocraft technology shop
  • The issue that sometimes made Exocraft fall through terrain.

If you want to check the rest of the patch notes, go to the developer’s official page. Many additional comments can be found there, as well as news coming straight from the developers.

No Man’s Sky is solid proof that a game can be saved by developers taking a listen to what gamers want.

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