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Nintendo Switch Pro is Speculated to Arrive Without a Significant Feature

The so-waited Nintendo Switch Pro, which is supposed to arrive this year on Christmas, it is highly speculated that it could come without a professional feature. According to the latest reports, the console might be a disappointment. Back in 2017, we witnessed the release of Nintendo Switch, a device that was recently upgraded. It received an enhanced battery, and developers dropped the portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite in 2019.

Currently, it’s approaching its third anniversary, only that its successor appears as a challenge rather than an enhancement. The next-gen of consoles are having a hard time to develop an update to its home-portable hybrid system. Such a thing would help Nintendo maintaining a strong yet firm position in the face of its rivals, but it seems it is facing some issues.

Moreover, Nintendo Switch is considered already the most technically low console among Xbox One or PS4. We could witness a gap widening once the next console is released.

Nintendo Switch Pro is Having a Hard Time Already

Rumors suggest that the next-gen console won’t support the 4k resolution. A Korean source, dubbed Metro, shows that the Nintendo Switch Pro won’t go for an Nvidia Tegra X1 (or brand-new) because it chose a processor developed in partnership between Nintendo and Nvidia.

The upcoming processor won’t offer, according to the source, a significant boost to the Nintendo Switch’s graphical skills, and it clearly won’t stir the system to support 4k resolution.

Fans are getting ready, however, for bigger and better updates, and it seems that they will be very disappointed with Nintendo’s next choices. The Korean source also indicated that the design of the processor isn’t even fully developed currently. It is possible for Nintendo Switch Pro, not to be launch at all. We should wait for more details from developers and hope all rumors are just untrue.


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