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Nintendo-LEGO ‘Super Mario’ Crossover Is Reportedly Under Development

Nintendo fans from all over the world know that March 10 was Mar10 day and an occasion that is celebrated by millions of gamers. New data offered by the Nintendo infers that the company could be working with LEGO on a particular set that appears to be inspired by one of the iconic games of the company — Super Mario.

Mario is one of the most well-known video game characters in the world, and even people who aren’t into video games can likely recognize the character easily. Nintendo introduced him to the legendary Donkey Kong game, which was developed for arcades and released in 1981.

Within this title, Mario has to save Pauline, who was kidnapped by Donkey Kong, a giant ape. While Nintendo of America was wary about the potential of the title, it became a quick hit among American and Japanese players. A licensed version of the game was released for the Coleco and other companies decided to replicate the popular platforming elements and offer their own take on the genre.

Details on the Nintendo-LEGO’s ‘Super Mario’ Crossover

Known first as Jumpman, the character was renamed as Mario in Donkey Kong Junior, the only title where he is also the antagonist. Published in 1983, Mario Bros tells the story of Mario and Luigi, who are Italian-American plumbers that fight against strange creatures that are present in the sewers of New York City.

Since the first appearance, Mario has been featured in more than 200 titles released across several Nintendo consoles and other platforms. A teaser image that shows Nintendo has shared Mario in the shape of a LEGO figurine on a popular micro-blogging platform.

The official LEGO account shared a similar image that features the signature mustache of the character, a sign which proves that a Mario-themed LEGO set is in the making. Some fans argue that the announcement may also tease a LEGO Super Mario game, but that remains to be seen.


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