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Next-Gen Intel Comet Lake-H Leak Revealed Specs, Performance, And More

The upcoming Intel Comet Lake-H portable processor has leaked on the internet. This next generation of the processor from Intel is dedicated to the premium and high-performance portable computers. Why is that? Let’s just have a peek at the very high thermal rating of 45W. In a normal situation, a standard processor will have a thermal rating of 15W TDP. However, the next generation of processors use is for high-end devices.

10th-Gen Intel Comet Lake-H Series CPUs Specs

Let’s see the use of these delightful processors. The 8 Core, 16 Thread Intel CPU processor is made for Pro gaming for sure. Professional laptops will more than likely feature this new processor, and people who opt for performance instead of battery endurance will be more than happy about it.

The cooling rate of the new processor is at 45W TDP, which is quite impressive. To help you see the bigger picture, think about the following comparison: Comet Lake-H as a higher permanence chip than the laptop CPUs. And on top of that, the chip is made for portable computing devices. The leaked slides show that the powerful chip can offer a Boost Clock Speed of 5.3 GHz. This kind of powerful CPU is more than perfect for the gaming purposes as well as for professional setups.

The upcoming Core i9-109800HK clock base is of 2.4GHz! This is very impressive, and we can’t wait to see how Intel Comet Lake-H will actually work on the portable computers. This achievement is due to the introduction of Turbo Boost Max 3.0 to Intel’s mobility platform. A good step, Intel! And if you haven’t been impressed so far, the upcoming i9 will be not partially unlocked, but fully unlocked. This means that this chip will have the same overclocking functionalities as the desktop PC CPUs. However, the chip will be locked at a particular frequency.

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