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New YouTube Donation Feature Means More Money For Content Creators

YouTube influencers earn a lot of money from ad revenue and monetizing their content. It is clear for everyone, and we are talking about vast sums of money for their hard work. But did you know that there are also other methods with which influencers can earn money? We have learned about the concept of donations, which has become quite common nowadays. YouTube has been looking for new ways to extend.

Right now, they want to help their creators to earn even more money, so they are testing the Clap (Viewer Applause) feature, a new YouTube donation function that would help content creators. According to some reports, YouTube is currently still working on the so-called Clap feature. It is quite similar to what Twitch does with its donations. The Clap feature will be placed between the like and dislike buttons.

About the new YouTube donation feature

Users will be able to click on it and donate $2 to the content creators. Users can pay a total of $500 per day or $2000 per week, and it would be a total between the Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Viewer applause features. This will help YouTube be like Twitch on this matter, which helps its users a lot with the donation feature. We have seen how Google tries to enter the financial market with Gcache.

By using that and this feature, users will get money from both YouTube and Google, which means that the feature could bring good news for the user and the company. We are wondering if YouTube would actually become a possible rival for Twitch with this new feature. Either way, both platforms are helping their users get more money. This feature is not available for everyone, and it really depends on the users and the territories selected for this new feature.


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