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New Sensor Discovered in Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro

​Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro​ is now on the market, and fans who awaited it can excitedly browse it at will. However, it didn’t take long for iFixit​ to dissect the whole machine and make a more in-depth analysis of the computer.

MacBook Pro Packs New Sensor 

The MacBook Pro packs a bigger battery and has a quite large amount of the technology behind this year’s scissor-switch keyboard in the pre-butterfly scissor-switch keyboard.

Another discovery made by the team at iFixit was possible due to an able assist from  Joe Rossignol and MacRumours​ with supplied internal documentation aimed for Apple Authorized Service Providers. 

The device features a new sensor in the hardware that supervises the position of the screen frame compared to the lower base of the machine.

“While previous-generation MacBook Pro models have a Hall effect sensor that determines when the lid is closed for sleep/wake purposes, the lid angle sensor in the 16-inch MacBook Pro appears to be more sophisticated,” the team said.

Recording a Massive Amount of Data for Apple

Apple’s service papers do not offer any certain clues regarding the change of the sensor, but iFixit believes it could be of help in providing a more intelligent method for Apple to track how frequent the lid was opened, closed, or adjusted.

The incorporation of a brand new sensor and the probability that it records a massive amount of data about screen use, such as the angle that a screen is adjusted at, the amount of ‘open’ and ‘close’ cycles, and so on, could offer a huge quantity of diagnostic information to Apple when a device is brought in to be repaired.

That is, however, what iFixit suggests. After a more in-depth assay of the documentation by MacRumors, the data implies that this particular sensor has to be gauged after a repair.


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