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New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone With AMD Radeon GPU Filed On GFXBench

We all heard at least once about the possible release of the Galaxy Note 20 smartphone. However, this is no longer about a mare rumor anymore. Samsung has confirmed the launch of this great smartphone, and we can’t wait to see it live. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could be placed among the top smartphones of this year. However, this article is about a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone that could be mind-blowing.

The internet has its ways to find everything out. Samsung was caught testing a new Galaxy smartphone. And boy, if this device comes out and it really does what the benchmark states, it could change the whole game. SamMobile discovered this presumably new Galaxy smartphone, and according to this community, Samsung is developing its first smartphone to feature a custom AMD Radeon GPU. The company has been logging benchmarks on GFXBench for this game-changing device.

Here are the extraordinary numbers that were recorded on the GFXBench:

  • 138.25 frames per second (fps) in Aztec Normal (the Snapdragon 865’s Adreno 650 GPU hits 53 fps)
  • 58 fps in Aztec High (the Adreno 650 GPU manages 20 fps)

We should expect a new AMD-powered Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Currently, the fastest chipset on the market belongs to Android. However, Samsung’s AMD-powered smartphone processor is able to offer circa 2.5x the performance of the former chip. That also means that this new chipset from Samsung is above Apple’s A13 used in the iPhone 11 series and the new affordable 2020 iPhone SE smartphone. The A13 processor was released in 2019, so Apple couldn’t predict Samsung’s move.

But, when is Samsung’s new chipset out? Based on the company’s roadmap next year. However, we do need to mention that this time frame remained the same ever since the partnership between Samsung and AMD in 2019. 2021 will see the release of the Exynos 1000 processor, and the numbers won’t be disappointing.

We are all excited about the upcoming Galaxy Note 20. However, we have to admit the possibility of a revolutionary, new Samsung Galaxy smartphone next year. And we are delighted with this news.

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