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New Samsung Galaxy Phone Details Surface

The Galaxy S10 family of phones was launched back in February, but there are reportdly a lot of hints pointing to the same thing: that Samsung is working on a Lite version of the flagship phone.

Samsung might have a new phone in the works

According to the latest reports by Forbes, this is expected to come with “a SnapDragon 855, 8 GB of RAM, a 6.7 inch OLED screen, and a triple-lens main camera.”

The popular online publication just revealed that SamMolbile are the ones who spotted a potential design of the Galaxy S10 Lite device and this was due to a recently published patent.

This reportedly claims that the ornamental design for a mobile phone is shown and described.

The patent reportedly hints at the new phone’s design 

Forbes reported that Abhijeet Mishra said the following:

“The patent reveals a device that looks exactly like the Galaxy S10+ from the front, with dual front-facing cameras located on the top-right edge of the display. At the back, there’s a dual-camera setup with its sensors placed vertically in the center and an LED flash to its right, which is exactly how the camera assembly is laid out on a Galaxy S9+.”

The same author continued and revealed that “In fact, it looks pretty similar to a Galaxy S8 prototype that Samsung had tested with dual rear cameras back in 2017, although that prototype had its LED flash and heart rate sensor sitting below the two camera sensors.”

We recommend that you head over to the original article and check out everything that the author revealed.

Anyway, as Forbes makes sure to add for their readers, it’s important to always bear in mind the fact that if there’s a patent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the project described there would 100% become a reality.

So, at this point, we can still only speculate.


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