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New Red Dead Redemption 2 Content Will Be Available for PC, Xbox One, and Stadia

Great news fans and players of Red Dead Redemption 2! If any of you felt excluded because of the accessible content on PlayStation 4, now you can breathe easily. The developers are adding it to the PC players, Xbox One, and Stadia. What was not available until now, such as some apparel and emotes, you will receive, and the announcement is official from Rockstar Games.

Many PC players, Xbox One, and Stadia suffered from the lack of content from Red Dead Redemption 2, which is available on the PS4. Rockstar Games is announcing that the new apparel and emotes will appear in Red Dead Online. We also have the list of the features added, so prepare yourself.

In the apparel department, you will receive the Salizzo Double Bandolier, the Rulfo Boots, the Starret Hat, and the Gordillo Half-Chaps. On the emotes department, you will have the Hat Flick, the Howl, the Jovial Laugh, the Subtle Wave, and You vs. Me.

New Red Dead Redemption 2 Content Will Be Available for PC, Xbox One, and Stadia

If you have the Xbox One console, you can now play the Story Mode, which was available only for PlayStation, Stadia, and PC. You will enjoy as well as the Photo Mode, which is giving you the tool for shots in the games’ Story Mode.

If you like to take stunning photos, you can share it after the Social Club. Also, in the Story Mode for Xbox One, you will have three-story modes with Bounty Hunter missions, two-story modes with Gang Hideouts, two-story modes with Treasure Maps, and To the Ends of the Earth story mode mission.

To sum up, four weapons, seven horse Breeds, and five Hidden Trinkets are added to the Story Mode. Moreover, the developers are offering a 30% discount for weapon barrels, sight, scope, and stock upgrades. And if you are a player with Rank 10 until January 27, you have a 30% discount on all the weapons. A player with Rank 20 in Red Dead Online will receive a 30% discount for a horse.

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