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New PUBG Mobile Leak Offers More Details About Season 12

PUBG is one of the most popular video games in the world. Still, the popularity of the mobile version has surprised many people since more than 100 million gamers have downloaded the title on their mobile devices.

A popular PUBG leaker has offered a surprising amount of information with the release of a new leak, which highlights some of the features that will be introduced by the Season 12 patch.

One of the most enjoyable additions is represented by the introductions of 11 new emotes that can be used by players to express their feelings during matches. The name of 8 of these emotes has been mentioned: Charged Armor, Cradle, Critical Hit, Hardened Veteran, Metal Storm, Operation Tomorrow, Rhythm Rider, and Queen of Wrath. It is likely that many players will want to get the new emotes, with some of them being very expressive while others are pure fun.

PUBG Mobile Season 12

Fresh skins are an essential part of a new season, and the upcoming one will not disappoint. Players will have the opportunity to unlock three new character skins, three helmet designs, and an assortment of weapon skins provided by the season pass. Two weapon skins have been confirmed by now, one for the popular Bizon SMG and one for the frag grenades. It is also estimated that at least nine new character skins should be included in the latest update.

It is also thought that some of the cosmetic items which were released for the first anniversary of the game could be brought to the shop for a limited amount of time while new items will be released to mark the second anniversary of the massive title.

The Season 12 purchase bonus will include an anniversary box and skins for the AKM and Kar98k. Carlo, a new character, will be introduced along with new voice chat commands that should facilitate communication during heated matches.


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