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New PS5 Renders are the Most Unique so Far

While Sony has not revealed yet what the next-generation PlayStation 5 console looks like, numerous reports with renders or without have surfaced on the web. Fans have come forward with their own suggestions sporting unique concepts as to how the upcoming console would look like.

Although the design that last appeared on the web is not likely to be that accurate to the final design, it’s definitely the most imaginative concept we’ve seen so far. The renders come from the YouTube account of the French PlayStation fans at VRPlayer via Notebookcheck.

The most visible difference between this design and the others that appeared is definitely the overall shape. Although most PS5 suggestions stick to a rectangle-looking shape, this one has designed Sony’s new console into the shape of an archway keystone, or as one Reddit comment puts it, a ‘taco.’

Using a white design with black accents and blue LED lighting, similar to the DualSense controller, this design has the controller symbols attached to the casing as well.

What is also uncommon with the design is the removable cooling lid. By removing the central panel of this suggested console, the fan is revealed, which is lit with even more blue LEDs. There’s no clarity as to what purpose this serves, but the incorporation of the lighting sensors appears to suggest that the designer wants the fan to be seen.

This concept also pictures a redesigned PSVR gear, as it includes both the headset and controllers. It is speculated that we’ll get a new generation of Sony’s famed virtual reality system together with the PlayStation 5; therefore, it made sense to appear here.

The designer also offers an all-black and Spider-Man red option of the upcoming console as well. Sony has done game-inspired reskins of its consoles in the past, and because we’re now awaiting another Spider-Man game on the new PS5, this would probably be an option.

We hope to hear more details from Sony and actually get to see the PlayStation 5 in an event this month. Both Sony’s console and Microsoft‘s Xbox Series X are expected to launch in November of this year, bringing players improvements such as quick loading times, 8K support, and ray-tracing.


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