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New PS5 Leaked Patent Suggests a Weird Design for the Console

Speculation regarding Sony‘s upcoming PS5 console keeps surfacing all over the Internet. Fans have started to imagine the new features Sony will provide gamers with later this year, and some are peeping through patent fillings to get a look at the new PS5 before its launch.

Is This How the PS5 Will Look Like?

Dutch website Let’s Go Digital revealed a patent filed at the National Institution of Industrial Property (INPI) in Brazil and later registered, on August 13th of the previous year, at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The patent design, which also mentions renowned PlayStation engineer Yusuhiro Ootori, depicts a rather peculiar looking box with a wedge in the center. Some images were also posted on Twitter, and they showcase an incredibly similar design. It is shown beside a PlayStation development kit.

However, it is rather unlikely for this to be the final PS5 design. First of all, it doesn’t meet the modus operanti of Ootori, who also created the PlayStation 4. The PS4 was more different because it had sleek angled edges and a minimalist look. It would be incredibly surprising for Ootori to change the design so much.

Secondly, the rendered PS5 is not structurally created for mass-market manufacturing. The blazed vents enable areas of structural flaws, which could trigger packaging and shipping issues. There is a reason behind the flat rectangular cube design of the consoles. A simple box can carry a lot of weight; no points are sensitive to enhanced pressure, and it is incredibly effective to produce.

Sony Could Have Trouble With Pricing

There is a chance that the design of the patent and the image released is a development kit. These types of kits can usually range incredibly in design from the final market item.

Besides design, speculations are claiming that Sony is having issues keeping the price low on the PS5. The memory market appears to be the trouble-causing source, with DRAM and NAND flash memory costing more than what the technology giant thought it would.

According to Bloomberg, the price of the PS5 is at the moment $450 to manufacture, which gets its final retail costs at $500. And considering that Microsoft had made a huge mistake when it charged $500 for its Xbox One when it released it, Sony would most probably want to avoid that issue when rivaling against the Xbox Series X later this year.


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