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New Leaks Suggest Google is Preparing to Release a 5G Smartphone

After Google has announced its Pixel 3a series, fans were left anticipating a follow-up for this year, maybe even a 5G one. Now, a new leak revealed tenaciously by some reliable sources at XDA Developers, has unveiled the probability of a few new Pixel devices, with one of them featuring 5G.

Three new mobile phone code names were discovered, namely Sunfish, Redfin, and Bramble. While the latter is most probably a pre-development build and not an actual smartphone, Sunfish and Redfin have gotten some attention.

When it comes to Sunfish, it is claimed that the mobile phone could be functioning on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor. The reference to this particular code name was allegedly discovered in an AOSP repository. The Google application also managed to unveil some details about Sunfish, which has eventually led the source to think that this could be the speculated Pixel 4a. Interestingly enough, earlier reports have also mentioned that this smartphone may have been postponed.

A Possible 5G Variant of the Pixel 4a

As it concerns Redfin, it is claimed that this handset will be produced by an original device manufacturer, FIH Mobile, which is an auxiliary of contract manufacturer Foxconn. What is intriguing about this device is the fact that is will allegedly be powered by the Snapdragon 765 5G processor.

This implies that the mobile phone may be the first 5G device with stock Android. It is, however, not clear if this will be sold as a Google Pixel smartphone, but it is probable that it may be concentrated for the Chinese markets. XDA Developers, though, believes that the Redfin might be an XL version of the before-mentioned Pixel 4a.

What is interesting as well is that these two devices will allegedly function on Android 10, but the development board, also known as Bramble, is believed to be under works with Android 11.


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