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New Leak Details Xiaomi Mi 10’s Specs and Other Information

​The upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are said to be one of the first smartphones that will feature the new Snapdragon 865 flagship chipset. Moreover, a new and individually leaked specs report claims that these two mobile phones should not be taken lightly.

Even so, a newly surfaced leak depicts a few changes to the overall package, and while we might expect the Xiaomi Mi 10 to be a highly capable device, its price might discourage many potential customers from purchasing it.

A rather large picture reported by Slashleaks comes with a lot of information about the specs and price tag of the upcoming device. First of all, the Xiaomi Mi 10 will not pack an LPDDR5 memory, which was noted in a previously leaked report.

Xiaomi Mi 10​ Leaked Specifications

However, we know that the Xiaomi Mi 10​ will definitely feature the 12GB LPDDR4x variant with up to 512GB UFS 2.1 memory. Sadly, the internal memory of UFS 3.0 has not been noted anywhere on the report, but considering the fact that we are in 2020 already, every top-of-the-notch Android smartphone should come with this feature as a regular functionality.

The great thing about this recent leak is that the 90Hz refresh rate is also coming with the hex lens camera solution. Because this is the regular Xiaomi Mi 10​, and not the Pro version, the camera is not a 108MP one, but a 64MP lens.

The Xiaomi Mi 10​ leak is also listing the phone’s battery kind, which is a 4,500mAh, and the fact that the device will support fast charging. However, no information regarding the handset’s wireless charging abilities has been mentioned, which is rather peculiar.

With an expected price tag of $670 for the U.S. market, the Xiaomi Mi 10​ is rather expensive, even if we consider that this is the 12GB LPDDR4x variant.


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