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New Leak Claims GTA 6 Will Definitely be Set in This Location

GTA 6 is now highly awaited by fans all over the world. Just recently, a reliable source has provided some interesting details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game.

The latest rumors imply that the forthcoming title will definitely have the same location as one of the most popular sequels of the franchise features: Vice City. Previous speculations not yet confirmed also claimed that the game was under works with the codename ‘Project Americas.’

GTA 5 (GTA V) was released back in 2013, and although Rockstar Games, the developer, was busy working on Red Dead Redemption 2, it appears that they have decided that a new sequel in the popular Grand Theft Auto will do a lot of good. The fifth game of the series has become one of the highest-cashing media products of all time.

Vice City Revamped Sounds Nice

Not long ago, fans have spotted various job listings on the official Rockstar website, which ignited more speculations and debates regarding a new GTA sequel. Now, user u/gonnaenodaethat has openly discussed on GTAForum the fact that the title will definitely feature Vice City as the in-game location but remastered.

This is something fans all over the world have been hoping to get in the GTA 6, with the fourth build set on Liberty City, and the GTA 5 located on Los Santos.

Fans also began claiming that the same user is also behind numerous cryptic posts on GTAForum having Red Dead Redemption 2 as the topic, before the game was even announced for PC. Still, moderators have not taken any action against these posts.

“The main reason that I believe something is happening is the fact that moderators allowed him to do all sorts of things which would be considered trolling if another user made similar posts and topics,” a fan wrote on the forum.

Recently, Rockstar has also published some unusual artwork, and tax filling reports to drown speculations saying that the developers are preparing for an important announcement. Still, we have almost three weeks left of this month, and if the rumors are correct, we will see a GTA 6 announcement soon.


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