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New GTA Online Update Makes A Breeze Out Of Obtaining Money

Rockstar Games surprises its fans by making it easier for players to earn GTA$ on consoles.

Stashing one million GTA Online dollars was never easier! Also, if you are a returning player, Rockstar Games throws in a juicy bonus. All you have to do is log into the game on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.


Rockstar Games offers $500,000 to all GTA Online players this month (one-time-only).

The Bonus isn’t always dispatched instantly, but it will be delivered to your Maze Bank account in a matter of days.

The $500,000 bonus is an excellent gift from Rockstar. Most players continuously find themselves running out of in-game currency faster than they can produce it, which is often frustrating.

Additional Bonus

There is a way to add an extra $1 million by following some easy steps.

You only need to do Daily Challenges, which can be found in the interaction menu. They are usually simple tasks, and the result is more than equitable.

You only need to complete ten such challenges that will reward you with the big in-game paycheck.

Rockstar explained:

“Daily Objectives are paying out extra until April 16th. Complete a total of 10 Daily Objectives throughout the week, and you’ll get the J Lager Beer hat as a gift along with an additional GTA$1,000,000.”

Completing those tasks grants access to other rewards, including doubled job payoff, better Lucky Wheel top prize, triple awards for Air Force Zero, Stockpile, and Top Fun.

Also, players can receive discounts on aircraft and hangars, as well as some cars.

It seems like GTA Online is firing out of all cylinders and doesn’t want to stop anytime soon. Even though we can’t wait to see GTA 6, we can’t deny the endless fun GTA 5, and GTA Online have given us.


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