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New Exploit Appeared For Apple’s iOS 13.1.1

A new exploit that has Apple’s A-series CPUs up to A11 Bionic chip as the focus has appeared on the web and made waves. Developer and hacker Axi0mX uploaded the exploit dubbed ‘checkm8’ a while ago, which allows the tethering of every iPhone that runs the above-mentioned chip versions.

Today, he posted a video that shows an iPhone X, which is powered by A11 chipset, starting up in verbose mode. This can only be achievable after more severe modifications to the nucleus of the system.

This Is Just The Beginning…

If you are not familiar with jailbreaking, it typically relates to the removal of official iOS software restrictions on Apple devices. This removal allows owners to install third-party, or outside the App Store applications and even alter the entire system.

As per Axi0mX​’s statement on the process, it took only two seconds to jailbreak the iPhone X utilizing his new exploit. Strangely enough, the device is running iOS 13.1.1, which is the most recent version of Apple’s operating system that was launched only last week.

For the time being, they are using a semi-tethered technique, which asks for a computer to reload system alterations at every reboot. This kind of jailbreaks is most requested as they are able to boot without a computer, like regular iPhones.

The most noticeable thing about the new ‘checkm8’ is the fact that the developer addresses it as ‘unpatchable,’ as it is based on a hardware exploit. This means Apple cannot simply fix the exploit with a software update. For those iPhone devices users, that makes this exploit a reality, irrelevant of the fact they are running the most recent version of iOS.

There hasn’t yet been created a functional jailbreak tool that rapidly injects this code with apps such as Cydia on a handset. However, it is a real attempt, and it seems it won’t be long until someone will do it.


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