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New Dragon Awaken Version Is Now Available to Play

Dragon Awaken has received a new update a few days ago, introducing a lot of new content, such as the Pet Refine feature, new Auction items, and new Castle Levels. Let’s see more about version 3.2 in Dragon Awaken below.

If you’re new to Dragon Awaken, there’s a short preview at the end of this article. You can also check out the browser RPG here:

Dragon Awaken Version 3.2: Pet Refine, Auction Items, Castle Level

Pet Refine

Players can recycle Pet Skin Cards and turn them into Pet Essence, which will increase the attack, defense, and health points of their pet. You can obtain up to 4,500 Pet Essence.

Auction Items

New Items have been added to Auction. Players can get rare items from the Auction for low prices. They will find:

  • Shards for Pet Skin Cards (Except for Naivety and King of the Beasts)
  • New S Class Enchantment Card Chest
  • Relic Soul, Dragon Soul, Mount Soul, Armor Soul, Pet Soul, Flag Soul, Fiend’s Ring Soul, Magic Soul, and Aegis Soul.

Castle Level

The Castle Level limit is now 15.

With Dragon Awaken version 3.2, plenty of in-game events have been added. There are also a lot of events that you can check out in the official community and the game’s social media account. Pet Skin Cards and many other rewards will be available for the players that participate in those events. Here are the links to the official Dragon Awaken website and social media page:

Dragon Awaken Official Website:

Dragon Awaken Official Facebook Fan Page:

Dragon Awaken – A Short Preview

Dragon Awaken is a browser RPG developed by the international online game company, Game Hollywood.

Players grow their character and explore dungeons, fighting enemies, and other players. Of course, the plot revolves around dragons, so you will have to tame them to help you in battles, evolve them into goddesses, summon heroes to complete your army, and more. There are plenty of features in Dragon Awaken, but it’s best if you discover them on your own.


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