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New Code in iOS 13 Might Indicate an Apple AR-Powered Glasses Release

New code in iOS 13 might indicate an Apple AR-powered glasses release, and it could be the best thing so far. This new possible addition was many years the biggest rumor ever. A pair of Augmented Reality glasses was on Apple mind for a few years. Latest code from iOS 13 fuels the news, also the developers are engaging in an advanced project by hiring engineers with significant experience in augmented reality. Apple’s move could be the beginning of something pretentious yet incredibly innovative.

All these rumors, however, regarding Apple’s AR glasses, came after a quite odd discovery. An app called STARTester from one of the later iOS betas has a feature which includes a head-mounted option made to replicate the user experience about augmented reality. The hardware has supposedly two settings, “worn” and “held.”

Developer xSnow has recently got access to test the StarTester app. He also submitted a few videos and images that he found quite interesting. xSnow stated that “Managed to get into Apple glasses test mode (aka StarTester mode) in 13.1 beta 3 in iPhone X, but the right-eye view in glitchy.” He found that the experience on an iPhone XS compared to another of a 2017’s iPhone X is very good.

As it is known, the augmented reality represents a technology that superimposes a computer-made picture on a user’s view for the actual world. For Apple, this could be one major feature, probably the best so far. Previous rumors stating that Apple had wholly stopped all R&D works into an AR system were not true. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, indicated that Apple might start production on AR glasses very soon, with a 2020 unveiling and launch. Kuo is known for its accuracy when it comes to listing new products from Apple. He also said that Apple’s AR glasses would represent a revolution for the company, being a lightweight accessory and an advanced feature for iPhones.


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