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New child care law has unintended consequences for providers, families

Kids are being shoved out of child care homes and into unauthorized child care facilities completely via the unintended consequences of one new law approved to safeguard them.

The law in question, Nathan’s law which came into effect on Wednesday, had been penned down to make sure the safety of kids in the unauthorized child care facilities. The law was named in honor of a 3-months-old infant named Nathan Blecha that passed away in an unlicensed child care facility back in 2007.

In an attempt to close a loophole which had permitted unauthorized care providers to look after 4 kids and an infinite no. of related kids, the lawmakers also removed the provision that let licensed care providers to prevent counting their own kids in the license capacity.

It was hoped the legislation would make sure that the providers weren’t caring for a lot of kids than they really could handle. As per previous reports, however, more than 50% of the Missourians reside in the child care desserts. As such, limiting the no. of spots that a licensed child care provider can hold implies that these desserts shall become even bigger. The unintended consequences of the law are coming down upon the licensed child care programs.


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