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New bartop slot machine goes cashless

We’ve always seen innovations in the casino game space, as game developers and operators keep trying to develop slot machine games or other casino staples that can become the next big thing and draw in more visitors for their clients, the casinos. At the same time, these sort of games are not only found at casinos; you will be able to find slot machines at bars and even sometimes at grocery stores across the United States, depending on the state you are in. Nevada, which has some of the most favourable gambling laws, and of course has the city of Las Vegas, is one such state where regulations are constantly being changed and tweaked in terms of the games that are allowed and where they can be allowed.

IGT, which is one of the pioneers in the casino game space, caused a lot of excitement recently when it launched its first bartop slot machine in two decades. A bartop slot machine is exactly what the name suggests – a slot machine game that can be fitted to the bar counter, for those customers who want to sit at the bar and have a spin rather than being on the casino floor. The PeakBarTop, as the new machine is known as, has a 23-inch, curved HD display, a ticket printer and a card reader, to allow convenience of use at the bar.

These units will support all of IGT’s own game content, such as the video poker games ‘Game King’, ‘Super Star Poker’ and ‘Ultimate X Poker’, as well as the slot games ‘Scarab’ and ‘Solar Disc’. Other games in the IGT game library, such as ‘Ultimate X Bonus Streak Poker’, ‘Da Vinci Diamonds Keno’, ‘Mistress of Egypt’ and so on, will also be available to play on the machine in some time.

While IGT’s extensive game library, combined with the machine’s sleek look and convenience of use, will be enough to draw in most customers, another attractive feature is the ability to use the machine without needing cash. The machine has Bluetooth, which will allow players to transfer funds directly to the machine from a digital wallet. This was only possible now after the Nevada Gaming Commission made a number of changes to its rules and regulations to make cashless payments easier and more streamlined.

Other features on the machine include a USB port for charging mobile phones and other devices, light and sound effects, and a play-level indicator on the back of the machine (towards the bar) which will allow the bartender and other staff to view the player’s level of play and award him/her with free drinks or other goodies for maintaining a high level of play.

The game is the same size as the earlier version of these games, released in 1990, so bars with the existing game can swap it out for the new game without too much of a hassle. The game has already begun to be used at a number of locations in California, while it has also been installed at several places in Nevada now, including Las Vegas.


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