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New 2021 Switch Model to Support 4K Gaming

According to a Bloomberg report, the new 2021 Nintendo Switch model, planned for a year-end release, will feature an upgraded Nvidia chip that allows for 4K resolution visuals when plugged into a television.

The new chipset will have better graphics and processing power and more memory than the chipsets found in current iterations of the Nintendo Switch. The 2021 model will also support Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, a rendering pipeline powered by artificial intelligence that allows for high-fidelity upscaling on-the-fly.

DLSS is designed to reproduce ultra-high resolution visuals without expensive rendering overhead. It’s an advanced upscaling technology that allows for highly accurate resampling of low-resolution graphics into high-definition images, and it does so using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

DLSS support will not be immediately available to all titles; it requires developers to add new code to existing games. This makes it less likely to be implemented in previously released games, but it will likely be standard for Nintendo Switch titles going forward.

Aside from the new chipset upgrade and DLSS support, the new Nintendo Switch mode will reportedly be getting an OLED display upgrade. According to Bloomberg sources, the screen upgrade will allow for new model Switchs to produce 4K visuals when docked to a television.

The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 to critical acclaim bolstered by a number of quality launch and near-launch titles starring the company’s most popular characters. In recent years, the console’s aging screen and chipset technologies have outdated the Switch to a degree. With the release of the latest generation of home consoles, 4K has become the new resolution standard for the industry. The remodeled Switch will remain relatively underpowered in comparison to the newest Playstation and Xbox home entertainment devices. But it appears to be purposed to keep the Switch relevant among an audience with an increasing number of 4K television owners.


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