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Netflix Will Cancel Subscriptions for Long-Dormant Accounts

Although Netflix‘s viewership is incredibly high these months, the streaming service developers have just announced on the corporate blog that it will start checking in with subscribers who haven’t actually used their accounts for more than a year, either through in-app notifications or via email.

The notifications and emails will ask users if they still want to keep their subscription to Netflix, and if the user doesn’t reply, the corporate will go ahead and cancel the registration. It appears that the company doesn’t want people to pay for a service they are not using, therefore the decision to cancel long-dormant accounts.

However, if your Netflix subscription gets canceled automatically but you do want to remain subscribed, do not panic. The company said that it will keep your account details, including the favorites, profiles, and viewing preferences saved in the account for ten months. All those details will be restored if you choose to get your account back.

You Can Get Back Your Data Within Ten Months

There are only a few hundred accounts on Netflix that fit this description, and the company has already accounted for them in its financial guidance. If you decide to cancel the subscription but later change your mind, all your data will be as you left them, as we mentioned earlier, as long as you rejoin within ten months.

This is a rather unusual decision coming from Netflix, as companies that use a subscription model depend on regular income from their members, including those who keep paying every month without using the service. However, this will help Netflix gain some goodwill without creating a hole in its bottom line.

On the other hand, as everyone on the planet is tightening their belts because of the pandemic, one of the best ways to save some money is to cancel recurring unneeded subscriptions.

Netflix announced that it will start sending out the notifications and emails to long-dormant subscribers this week.


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