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Netflix: A Few Loading Issues Fixes

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services out there today, but sometimes, users have reported issues with the platform. The most common one is that the service won’t load. Here are some methods to fix this issue right away.

The Basics

Because Netflix is not functioning without an Internet connection, some type of malfunction of the network can be the culprit behind the loading issue. There’s also the possibility that you encounter this issue because the connection is very poor. However, check it to make sure you’re actually linked to a network.

Sometimes, the service can be down, and if that is the case, all you can do is wait. To check if Netflix is down, either use the website called DownDetector, or the Netflix help center, which has a page dedicated to this issue.

If the problem persists, close the browser and launch it again, or restart the device you are using. If you are utilizing the mobile app, make sure that it is up to date. In addition, you should also verify the version of your graphics and update to the latest version.

Netflix is Loading Slowly

If the streaming is very slow or the content is bad, verify the Internet connection first or restart the device you are using. If the issue is still persisting, restart the Internet router by pressing on the ‘Restart’ button or disconnect it for a minute or so and reconnect it again.

Similar to the router, your modem should also be restarted. Also, try using another device to check whether the connection is working or not.

Update or Reinstall Netflix

If you are using the Netflix application, ensure that it is up to date. Check for available update versions and install the latest one. To do so, head over to the app on the device and verify there if an update is available.

If you’ve updated to the latest version, but the issues still persist, you may have to delete the app, then download it again and reinstall it.

The Error 12001

Several users have reported they encountered this error 12001 when using Netflix; this appears if the device has outdated data. To solve this issue, head over to the settings menu, tap on ‘Device’ and ‘Apps’ and find Netflix. Click on the app and select ‘Storage,’ then on ‘Clear Data.’

This process will refresh the application. To use Netflix again, log in with your email and password.

Blacked Screen While Playing Videos

At times, when playing videos on Netflix, users have reported a black screen appearing. To fix this problem, disable the anti-virus app on your device if you have one while using Netflix, as anti-virus software are not compatible with the streaming app.

In addition, delete the browser’s cookies from the settings menu, and if you still encounter the issue, try using another browser.

Reset the Netflix app

If the app shows the loading issue, you may have to reset it. To do so, head to the device’s settings menu, and open the ‘App’ option. Navigate to ‘Apps & Features’ and find ‘Netflix.’ Next, click on ‘Advanced options’ and ‘Reset.’

If you’ve tried all the methods we mentioned, but the issue still persists, you may want to contact Netflix. You can do so from here.


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