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NBA 2K20 Servers Down – Error Codes

NBA 2K20 players reported server issues lately., an independent website that specialized in displaying the status of servers and gaming services generally, reported a surge of reports regarding NBA 2K20. Unfortunately, that means that there is a general problem with the game’s connectivity.


The NBA 2K20 official server status pages state that the game servers are “UP AND RUNNING.” However, a multitude of gamers begs to differ.

Here are some complaints coming straight from gamers:

“Not letting my into mycareer, giving me am error message that when typed into the NBA 2K status website is apparently unknown.”

“@NBA2K Apparently everything is “Green” on the 2K Status website. Umm doubt. How are so many having issues and it still says green. Cmon 2K.”

“@NBA2K @Ronnie2K @Beluba your servers really been down for over an hour, “2k servers” damn near trending and y’all are gonna say “check your internet connection lmfao fix your s***t #2kservers.”

Error Codes

It appears that some reports highlight the presence of the 512f0500 and EC75932E error codes.

However, 2K Support wasn’t so supportive and never provided news about the situation.

The problems seem to have started manifesting since the update number 1.12 was released on Monday morning.

We are wondering whether the update is even remotely related to the newly occurring problems, but there is no way to say for sure, or at least not for us. Developers will have to analyze the new update and data from users and the game’s servers to find out what is the cause of the problem.

Until then, gamers from across the world who experienced the previously mentioned problems will have to be patient and hope that a solution is published sooner than later.

It would be a shame to see a lack of support ruin such an excellent game.


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