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MX Player 1.21.2 Beta Rolled Out With Some Bug Fixes And Improvements

In recent years streaming has become the default choice for watching video content on mobile devices, with the solution being used by millions of people across all over the world. MX Player is one of the best apps of its category on Android.

However, it is not always available for some people due to a variety of reasons. In some areas, there is no way to access a reliable internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Streaming also consumes a high amount of data, and users will have a limited data plan that won’t have the option to enjoy too much content before the limit is reached.

MX Player is a popular app on Android

To combat these problems, select users prefer to download their favorite content directly on their device. By doing this, they can access it at any time and even share them with friends. MX Player is built from the ground up to deliver an excellent viewing experience on your smart devices along with a wide assortment of features.

A major boon is represented by the improved hardware acceleration protocol that is implemented in the app, and which increases the speed and quality at which content is rendered on the screen. MX Player comes with a significant edge in the form of multi-core decoding, which harnessed all the cores that present in the processor to boost the performance by up to 70% in comparison to other video player apps which are limited to a single core.

The new MX Player update brings bug fixes and improvements

Users can control the app easily the help of pinch gestures. Zoom in and out or pan the screen with a few touches. It is also easy to customize the subtitles with the help of subtitle gestures. Scroll forward or backward, increase the size of the text and move it around without issues.

The MX Player 1.21.2 Beta update introduces new bug fixes. Seeking will work as expected when WebM files are used, Teletext subtitles are correctly displayed, and background audio can be disabled at wish.


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