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MX Player 1.20.0 Update Rolled Out With Performance Improvements

Since the first feature phones offered the ability to record videos, some users wanted the option to play video content on their devices while on the go. This was possible in the case of feature phones that offered an external memory card slot. Still, in most cases, the experience was a bit lackluster since you had to convert the movie to a particular format, and the screen was quite small.

The situation was changed with the introduction of smartphones, which ditched the aging physical keyboards in favor of an extended screen that was considerably better for watching videos and other types of content.

Streaming is the most popular method of watching content on a device, with the boon of being able to make a few taps and play the content almost instantly. However, some users cannot rely on it due to some factors which are beyond their control. For example, they may not have access to a good Wi-Fi connection.

MX Player 1.20.0 Brings Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

While unlimited data plans are a thing, the speed tends to fall dramatically after a threshold is reached. Some users prefer to download video files directly on their device since they remain accessible at all times and can be shared easily with friends. MX Player is an excellent video playing app that packs a rich selection of features and is compatible with a large number of features.

The app was designed from the ground up with performance in mind, and it offers a powerful HW+ decoder. MX Player is also one of the few Android video players that provide multi-core decoding, a trait that can increase the performance of the playback by up to 70% by harnessing the entire power of your devices.

Use pinch gestures to zoom-in, zoom-out easily. A dedicated file-sharing feature will offer the option to transfer files via Direct Wi-Fi. The latest version, MX Player 1.20.0, comes with new performance improvements.


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