MX Player 1.16.5 Update Available to Download with Tens of Exciting Features

Always carrying a smartphone in your pocket brings lots of advantages and one of the best ones is that you will never get bored again. If you are stuck in a train or waiting for something to happen, you can simply take out your smartphone and watch your favorite TV shows and movies. When it comes to media players available for Android devices, MX Player is the choice! MX Player is equipped with lots of useful features such as hardware acceleration that decodes all video formats for example.

While the cool features that MX Player offers are nice, this is not what makes this media player stand out. The best thing about MX Player is the fact that it is being updated on a regular basis with software improvements. In fact, a new update that brings a bunch of exciting features has just been released.

MX Player 1.16.5 Update

MX Player fans should be pleased to find out that a new update which sports the 1.16.5 version number is coming their way. As previously noted, this is not a regular update that comes with a handful of bug fixes and instead, it introduces a bunch of exciting features. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out the patch notes for the new update.

Full Patch Notes

  • Offline sharing is now available in Edit mode;
  • Use System Brightness controls while using PIP;
  • FAB & Playback Indicators (folder level) work well with Background Play;
  • Filename (MX Share) & Notch Screen (Lock Mode) issues fixed

New Features for India

  • MX Games are now available and users can join tournaments and track their activities;
  • Add Songs to Queue in Music section & Share with friends;
  • Also introducing News powered by NewsPoint which is a new feature that helps users stay updated with breaking news from 1000+ most-read newspapers.

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