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MWC 2021 postponed until June 28

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) event usually takes place in late February, early March. That’s when most phone makers reveal their latest mobile phone models. However, this wasn’t a typical year, and it seems like 2021 won’t be either. GSMA announced the MWC 2021 conference is postponed from March 1 to June 28, 2021.

That’s right, MWC 2021 is delayed for almost four months, and we are not even in 2021. However, the decision is within reason due to the current pandemic. It’s better later than never. MWC 2020 was canceled for the same reason, so let’s just hope the postponed event won’t follow suit. According to organizers, it should be safer to hold a physical MWC 2021 conference in June.

However, the event will still have a few online components, but only to enhance the physical MWC 2021. The delay of the event also means some smartphones will launch later than initially planned. For example, LG, Sony, and Nokia manufactures are known to launch their products at the MWC. However, they now have to decide whether to wait until June 2021 or release their smartphones with a lesser impact.

We expect some phone makers to release their mobile devices earlier that the MWC 2021 event. If that’s the case, they will more than likely need to hold an online event. Considering the situation, next year’s early spring could be the perfect period to release new phones. Huawei and Samsung could be one of the phone makers releasing their smartphones earlier than June 2021. They have done it in the past, so that wouldn’t be surprising.

Next year might see delays in the usual phone launch cycle anyway. Let’s just hope events won’t get canceled for good. I think by now, everyone got used to the whole postponing situation even though it is not ideal. Do you think the world is ready for a physical MWC 2021 event?


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