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MWC 2020 Won’t Take Place Due To Coronavirus, As Per Some Recent Reports

Coronavirus is affecting more than people’s health. MWC Barcelona Congress (MWC) is a trade show organized by GSMA, dedicated primarily to the mobile communications industry, a flagship edition event that takes place in Barcelona, Spain. The event has its priority set on the mobile communications industry. Now, you might wonder how the coronavirus is connected with the this year’s MWC?

As the coronavirus is fast spreading around the world, the MWC 2020 faced plenty of withdrawals from the companies that should have attended the event. It wouldn’t be such a big of a deal if that was the case of only a few withdrawals, but due to many such happenings, MWC 2020 was canceled, as a Twitter post reports.

The MWC 2020 was scheduled for Monday, February 24th, and should’ve ended on Thursday, February 27th. The things got a drastic turn of events. On Friday, February 14th, the GSMA is going to have a meeting in regard to establish whether MWC 2020 is still on or not.

GSMA decides whether to cancel MWC 2020 due to coronavirus or not

GSMA took a wise step in having this meeting as some companies withdrew utterly. Among the companies that pulled out of the show are Amazon, LG, Nvidia, Sony, and Vivo.

The expo clearly will have a reduced presence, even if it will take place. The good news is that other companies have chosen to make an appearance on the show, such as ZTE and TCL; however, they wouldn’t be holding press conferences but would still have a presence at the expo.

GSMA also tries its best to take action in preventing the virus outbreak by banning people traveling from Hubei province and other safety measures. “We don’t comment on internal meetings,” a GSMA representative told Android Authority in an emailed response to questions.


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