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Multiplayer Battler Brawl Stars’ Success Explained

Brawl Stars fans already know that the game is a massive success, and there are a lot of reasons for this.

You probably know by now that Supercell was awarded the Chair Award atThe Drum Content Awards 2019 with its Brawl Stars Global Launch campaign, by Waste Creative.

The Drum online publication reports about what the agency revealed about the challenges faced and the strategies that were used to deliver this successful campaign.

Creating the online frenzy 

After Supercell took the decision to launch the massive game, they also required a huge campaign exciting enough to get the GenZ of beta players into a frenzy of online hype and also get the attention of mobile gamers around the world.

The thing is that all of this had to be done without relying on the paid media, according to the same online publication mentioned above.

It’s been revealed that Waste Creative knew the fact that the Brawl Stars beta community was really protective of the game and was terrified of losing it.

So, we subtly hinted that it might disappear, then watched the fireworks,” according to Christian Perrins, head of the strategy at Waste Creative.

He continued and explained that “We felt that the players deserved to be rewarded for the emotional rollercoaster we took them on, so after the reveal, we went big on joyful, celebratory content and fun times.”

The launch of Brawl Stars was massive

The online publication mentioned above also brings up the fear of loss and community unity. The community at a global scale was waiting for the game’s official launch and Waste created a raft of content driving pre-registration.

It’s been also revealed that the initial target that Supercell had set was of two million sign-ups, but they hit five million in the first eight hours.

The Drum also revealed that in the very first week after the launch, Brawl Stars earned more than $10m and was the number one iPhone app in 32 countries.

We recommend that you head over to the original article in order to learn more exciting details that helped boost the success of this game.


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