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Movavi vs. Filmora – Top Video Editors Battle

The two leading video editors on the market at the moment are Movavi and Filmora. If you want to edit something, it is quite difficult to choose one of the two, as both are highly proficient on their slice of pie. In this article, we will guide you through the differences between the two. Actually, choosing the best video editor software for beginners is not simple since there is a lot of software that you can choose from.


The user interface is the most important part of all software. If you compare the two interfaces of the video editors, we will realize that the interface of Movavi is a lot more convenient and significantly easier to use when compared to Filmora. It is intuitive and user-friendly, so Movavi is the best software out there for beginners. However, Filmora has a lot of extra options, though their learning curve is definitely steep. Essentially, Filmora is better for people with a lot of experience when it comes to video editing software.

Quality and speed

The quality of the video and the conversion speed of the video is also an important topic in the category of video editing software, as you will be surprised when finding out how long it can take to convert a video with a slow app. Movavi moves faster, but the video quality is definitely better with Filmora.

Format Support and OS compatibility

Both Filmora and Movavi give off regular updates that enhance the user experience. Of course, there is a big difference when it comes to the operating system, since Filmora is available for Windows 7 or above, respectively MAC 10.9 or above, while Movavi can even be used on older operating systems, such as Vista, Windows XP. If you are an Apple fan, you can go for MAC 10.7 and MAC 10.8.

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