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Motorola Razr is Getting the Android 10 Update with New Changes

Who said that Motorola is far from its glory days? The American company is slowing starting to be more and more present in the spotlight, and now it’s time for the Razr smartphone to get itself an important update: the Android 10. The smartphone was released in February this year, and it’s a pretty impressive gadget: we can mention the 6GB of RAM, the video recording in 4K, and the Snapdragon 710 processor as the highlights.

The Android 10 update is currently being rolled out for Motorola Razr smartphones. This update is not just a caprice as some people might believe, as it brings a series of impressive updates.

What Android 10 brings new for Motorola Razr

If you’re excited at the idea of a dark mode for your Razr phone, the Android 10 will make it possible for you. A dark mode for any app or OS is an excellent way of saving battery life, but also for relaxing the eyes. Furthermore, the update will bring gesture navigation, a series of improvements for the Quick View disply, and more.

The display of notifications is also worth mentioning. With the new update, a new full-color list of notification cards will appear. It has a similar look as the full notification shade. Once you swipe left on the Quick View it will open the selfie camera so you can quickly take a photo or video. For seeing your favorite contacts, you only have to swipe right from the Quick View.

But the good news doesn’t end here, as the Android 10 update also allows the integrating of more apps within the Quick View display. If you’re already thrilled to try out Android 10 for Motorola Razr (and you should be), remember that you can purchase the phone by a price that revolves around the amount of $1,499.

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