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Motorola Razr Folding Smartphone Might Break After 27,000 Folds, New Test Revealed

Motorola’s latest Razr ceased being capable of folding after only over 27,000 folds and almost three-and-a-half hours in CNET’s “FoldBot” folding device. Issues were identified after the team extracted the smartphone out of the FoldBot to see it for the third time. They found how the device couldn’t fold anymore. When they finally succeed in folding it, the hinge seemed to have dropped out of alignment. However, even in all of those situations, the smartphone’s display was still good.

So, if we imagine the following situation, we can understand a few things about this folding issue. If a person checks their Motorola Razr somewhere between 80 and 150 times/day, then the device would have failed after only six and 12 months of utilization. Motorola hasn’t specified yet how many folds it should resist the Razr, but stated how the device should be perfectly just fine for two years. The company also comes with a smart one-year warranty for something called “defects incurred during normal use.”

According to CNET, Motorola Razr could break sooner than expected

There are some signs, however, about CNET’s test that should be mentioned. The FoldBot, for example, they got and utilized was also encountered some issues with the smartphone a little bit before they officially closed the test. What it seemed from the stream, it was only a partial folding of the device at some points, which might have been shown that the hinge was already experiencing some troubles before the 27,000 fold report.

Chris Parker, the CNET host, also detailed that the FoldBot might not have been performing the calibration to fold the Motorola Razr. The test marked the second folding dramatic test that CNET has done on a foldable device. They previously tortured the Galaxy Fold back in October 2019. Back then, Samsung’s smartphone survived gloriously approximately 120,000 folds before its display found its end.


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