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Modding C&C: Red Alert Remastered With These Tips

There is some good news for gamers that are into modding! Command & Conquer Remastered Collection comes with its source code. The code is available for both Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert, so people will be able to completely overhaul both of them. That is good, but what truly matters for fans of the hardcore versions is that a lot of tweaks still work with the remastered version, just like they work with the original one. For example, you are still able to replace all of the default building, unit and world variables using a small file known as rules.ini. If you want your regular rifle soldiers to shoot Tesla coil zaps instead of regular bullets, you just have to change one line of code and you are there!

Rules.ini is not in the included files when you download Command & Conquered Remastered Edition from Steam. Fortunately, Red Alert Archive still contains the initial rules.ini file, which was initially put in the game back in the ‘90s. Do not despair, as you can download and add the rules.ini file to the game from the internet. Just make sure to rename it to “rules.ini” and to set your folder view setting to display file extensions as well.

After you grab the file and you have rules.ini in your computer, you just have to drop it into your Command & Conquer Remastered Collection install folder. If you look for it on Steam, you have to right click the game in your library, then navigate to “manage” and select “browse local files”. The local file that you are looking for is called “CnCRemastered”.

As long as the file called “rules.ini” is found in that folder, any changes that you make to it will override the default variables of Red Alert. Please keep in mind that rules.ini will only affect C&C: Red Alert.

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