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Modded Super Mario 64 Land is Now Available

This past Sunday, on November the 10th, Nintendo 64 modder Kaze Emanuar took the veil off of his latest project, namely the impressive ​Super Mario 64 Land.

The new modded version of the game packs new levels and features to the popular Super Mario 64. The new additions seem to be a game’s worth of content.

Some of the most fascinating and important features the Super Mario 64 Land release seem to be a Super Mario 3D style overworld map and brand new powers for Mario. These can be acquired when wearing the Tanooki and Cat suits.

In addition, there are new worlds as well, inclusive of a Super Mario 64 level in the already-known style of Super Mario World.


Super Mario 64 Land is an all-new Mario game based on Super Mario 64 that brings new levels, new bosses, brand new powerups, and some new music tracks. According to the announcement video, the all-new game brings players a batch of 32 new levels, 70 different regions, 75 new music tracks, eight new bosses, and ten brand-new powers.

Even though the new release has a few different styles from numerous games and areas, the gameplay and narrative are still pretty similar to that of Super Mario 64.

However, there is a catch to the game: it is a mod for Super Mario 64, not a full independent executable, so it requires ROM to play it. To download Super Mario 64 Land, you can navigate to Emanuar’s download link, also found in the video description.

If you have always wished Super Mario 64 was given more levels, it may be worth checking Emanuar’s most recent mod.

This is not Emanuar’s first bull ride with Mario mods. The Nintendo 64 modder also created a Super Mario Sunshine mod for Super Mario 65; recently, he unveiled a Super Mario 65 cross Ocarina of Time mod as well.


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