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Mobile Network Not Available in Android: Here’s How to Fix It

We have seen how some Galaxy Note phones got the message “mobile network not available” while trying to call someone. Then, after checking the IMEI number, they got the message, “the IMEI number might be correct.”

Why is this happening?

It is probably because you don’t have reception on your phone. Or it is because of coverage, your location, or your SIM.

We are here to tell you how to fix this problem in no time.

First method

You first need to go to Settings, then to Wireless and networks. From there, look for mobile networks, and then, for Network operators. Then, you need to select Automatically.

Second method

It perhaps has something to do with your battery. Try to change it. If it works with the new battery, then it definitely is something wrong with your battery. It might be overheated.

Third method

The radio signal might not be broadcasted as it is supposed to be. Dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer, and you will get a menu. Click on the info of the device, then run the ping test. Select GSM Auto (PRL) from the drop-down list, and then you need to Turn off the radio. Make sure you restart the device after.

Fourth method

As we said before, the problem might be caused because of your SIM. In order to fix this, you need to go to Settings, then to the mobile network settings. Then, hold the power button and the home buttons together, and wait until the device turns off. Now you need to remove the battery, then press the home button and the power button ten times together. After this, press and hold the power and home button for about 2 minutes. This is bound to drain all static charges. Then, put back your battery and open the device. Remove, then put back, the SIM card three times. You will be asked to restart your phone.  Do as said, and then you should not be bothered with this problem anymore.

Fifth method

You may need to update your firmware. For this one, go to Settings, to about device. Then look for a software update and see if there’s an update waiting for you. Update your phone, and you should be okay.

Sixth method

You might need actually to do a factory reset. In order to do so, go to Settings, then to Backup and Reset, and to Factory Data Reset.

Or you can turn off your device and hold down the Home, Power, and Volume Up button altogether until the Android logo appears on your screen. Then release the buttons, and use the volume down button to navigate through the options, and then press the power key in order to confirm it. Choose the factory reset option and confirm it. Don’t forget also to select ‘Delete all user data,’ then confirm it. You should see the ‘Reboot system now’ option. Confirm it, as well. Your phone will be restarted.

Catherine has been an active participant and contributor for V Herald for quite some time. Being a tech lover and a part of a popular local NGO, she loves to jot down news articles for Technology and science niches.

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