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Mobile Legends Project NEXT Update: new meta, visuals, gameplay

Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle game. Developers started to improve the old heroes in the mobile game via Project Next. Therefore, here is what the latest update brings on the table: 

Mobile Legends Project NEXT New meta

This project aims to improve the performance of older heroes, or so to say, not very popular heroes. Therefore heroes that are not yet part of the new meta will get an upgrade eventually. It also means players need to change their play tactics, find new strategies. Developers focused more on Miya, Eudora, Zilong, Layla, and Alucard. Therefore, get ready to see them more in the game once the update is out. 

Visual upgrades

Visuals are a major factor when it comes to game experience. Therefore, developers are looking to update them, which means Mobile Legends looks better now. However, the Mobile Legends Project NEXT update also makes the game more challenging for devices. Therefore, if you are using a weaker smartphone, you might need to make a few changes in Settings. However, Moonton is serious about performance upgrades, which are significantly better now. 

Gameplay adjustments 

Players need to take notice of a few gameplay tweaks. For example, you can o longer use the Hunter’s Blade item unless you pick Retribution as your fight spell. Therefore, the Hunter’s Blade item is now restricted for heroes that are going to farm. Plus, the game now displays the Retribution spell’s inflict damage on creeps.

Another thing players should be aware of is the AI minions. They are now more intelligent and will follow you if you get too close. The latest update brings many more gameplay tweaks into the mobile game. We advise you to check out the full patch notes before getting into a battle. 

The Mobile Legends Project NEXT update significantly improves the game experience. The upgrades are noticeable. However, players will soon be able to share their own thoughts regarding this topic. However, Moonton won’t stop here with the updates as they take into consideration the fans’ feedback. 



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