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MIUI 12 From Xiaomi Brings New Note App Features And Other Improvements

Xiaomi will release its MIUI 12 on the 27th of April. Only two days before the launch, the company is still performing a series of tests on its new UI. This time the company is putting a lot more accent on the safety, security, and privacy of the users. In addition to this, the Chinese tech giant company has already done some tests on the Notes app and the implementation of a To-do list section.

The upcoming upgrade is bringing an extension of the Notes app that was previously improved with the arrival of MIUI 11. This brand-new feature aims to create a more friendly-user experience for the users, offering an extensive section of listings, custom tiles, and many more. The To-do list will be accessible from the home screen of the smartphones.

New features come with Xiaomi’s MIUI 12

Users will be able to create personal checklists. The feature was implemented in the MIUI 11 update, but Xiaomi is bringing a series of improvements. Up until now, the users needed to introduce the individual elements manually for the checkboxes. From now on, they will be automatically added when pressing the enter button. Additionally, should you like the old design of this feature, you can opt for the old layout from the settings menu.

The users are now allowed to create a series of combined lists with the arrival of MIUI 12. This will enable them to create nested lists on top of the ordinary one-dimensional lists.

According to a report published by IT Home, the nested lists will come in handy when creating task groupings as well as project management classifications. Another usage of this feature could be sorting through a series of things, such as travel items.  Many more changes for the MIUI 12 upgrade from Xiaomi are waited to be revealed on the release date.

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