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MIUI 11 Update for the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is based on Android Pie

Xiaomi has started to roll out a global update for Pocophone F1 users, and users will soon have the option to download the anticipated OTA update. While the update will add a selection of new features some may be disappointed by the fact that it is based on Android 9 Pie instead of Android 10.

Here are some of the features offered by the update:

Superior design

MIUI will come with a refreshed user interface which easier to use with one hand. It has a clean and modern look, with a visible accent on white and bold colors, following the latest trends among the mobile market.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is one of the major features of Android 10, and it is quite interesting that Xiaomi has managed to implement the feature while using Android 9 Pie as the base for MIUI 11. In a fashion similar to Huawei’s take on the feature, MIUI 11 will change the color of all system apps, favoring a pure black instead of the lighter nuances observed in the case of Android 10.

Dynamic notifications system

This is a major highlight since its alarms and notifications noises will vary in accordance with the current location and time of day. It is not a ground-breaking feature, but it can be quite handy, especially if you don’t want to be disturbed in the morning.

The update also includes the October security patch, which is great since owners will not have to download it separately.

Since Xiaomi did not offer a schedule for the roll-out, users will have to wait until they receive a notification on their devices. Early reports mention that the update will require more than 1.8GB of storage space, and a Wi-Fi connection should be used.

An Android 10 update could be offered in the future.


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