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Minecraft’s 1.16 Massive Update Includes New Blocks, New Biomes, and More

It’s mandatory that Minecraft’s legacy to continue since we’re talking about one of the best selling games of all time. Along with the notorious GTA V and the good ol’ classic Tetris game, Minecraft is in the top 3 of the most successful titles in the history of gaming.

Therefore, the developers of Minecraft should bring the new updates judiciously, and now the 1.16 update is on its way. It’s a pretty massive one, and its test build is live.

A snapshot reveals everything

A snapshot for the forthcoming Minecraft Nether update has been published by Mojang itself, the developer of the game. And the picture says more than a thousand words can:

The most important aspect is represented by the three new Nether biomes in the form of the Warped Forest, Crimson Forest, and the Soulsand Valley. The Crimson Forest is expected to be the most interesting as it promises of doing “all kinds of strange new vegetation”.

There’s also Netherite, a new high-level material that is refined from Ancient Debris found in the Nether’s underground. Netherite can turn out to be extremely useful in the game since it can be immune to lava. Also, in the upcoming Minecraft update,  there are plenty of new blocks like Crimson Stems and Weeping Vines.

Minecraft is still awesome

Minecraft is still among the best games out there to make the players relax after a hard day of working and let their intelligence and creativity be stimulated. Therefore, if you’re not already a Minecraft fan, you should consider becoming one.

Minecraft doesn’t show any signs that it wants to get off the pinnacle of the top 3 best selling games in history. The unique concept of it made it go this far, and the fact that it doesn’t feature some mind-blowing and realistic graphics makes it even more worthy of respect.


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